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Buy 4000 Watch Hours

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It's also significant to point out that YouTube Watch Hours contrasts with Audience Retention. YouTube Watch time is the total sum of time people have spent watching your video on YouTube. YouTube Viewer Retention estimates the percentage of videos that people care about.

4,000 Watch Time may seem like much time. It isn't. 4,000 hours of watch time is 240,000 minutes. If We Divided by month, and that means you have to continue at least 20,000 minutes of watch time every month on average. We also know that YouTube prefers 10 minute long Time videos.

This is the Most Common question. It is very easy and Cheap. At 1st, you need to sign up and log in, Then add Fund Via Paypal or Creditcard. Go New Order Page and select the Category and Service which you want. Paste your Link and Write Quantity, then Submit your Order. Everything Done.

Buy 4000 watch hours, and 1000 subscribers are Important for monetization Channel; if Your channel Has 4000 Hours Watch within the Last 12 Months and 1000 Subscribers with an Active Google Adsense account, you can apply for YouTube monetization Review. Once Google accepts your account, you will get paid from YouTube monetization.

Minimum eligibility requirements to join:

Follow all the YouTube monetization policies.

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NO, No, No - Any Kinds of Private Link Not Allow. All Private Link Order will Be canceled—no Refund for Them. Before Order, make sure all YouTube Features are Public.

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To monetization your YouTube channel, You have to Obtain 4000 watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers. 

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The average view duration on Your channel in one year was 3 minutes, 5 seconds. That would mean to reach that 4,000 hours marked. You'd need to accumulate 68,571 views on your channel.

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